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Beach Business Book


Do you wish to live a life you don't need a vacation from?

A life where you can look back and it takes your breath away to know you have experienced ALL THAT? A life, where you have the freedom to live freely, happily and to the fullest

This is what the Beach Business book is all about...
Welcome to my World!

Start reading the first lines and begin to dream about your own Beach Business

My great desire is to inspire you in this book to start living your own dream story.
The story you want to tell. 

I want to inspire you, that even YOU can fulfill your DREAMS, no matter what. To show you that all your limitations are only in your mind. This book will open up new horizons and enable you to believe that everything is possible.

I feel that this book will show you that Beach Business is a way of life, which is, thanks to the internet, available to anybody. 

Are you wondering about the content of the book? Have a look inside...

Start reading the first lines and begin to dream about your own Beach Business

Imagine you jumping on a plane in the middle of the winter and smog season and fly to tropical destinations where you breathe the smell of the ocean, you hang around all day in your swimsuit, and your kids have fun in the swimming pool.

It\'s amazing.

Above that, it\'s awesome to get up in the morning and know that you can just do what you want, and what you love and enjoy.

But there are also struggles and many questions on the way to your dream life. And both, the beauties and the struggles, are a part of my story and this book. 

Above that, you will read stories of other entrepreneurs who already live the story they want to tell:

Alice Kirs

Founder of the Project Women to Women
Founder of the project Women to Women that has been inspiring over 70,000 people since 2012. Above having the successful business, Alice spends every winter in tropical destinations like Thailand, Bali and other parts of the world.

Bohdana Kabatova

Certified High Performance Coach
Bohdana is a certified High Performance Coach by Brendon Burchard and for many years was CEO of one of the Czech best online marketing companies.

Dana-Sofie Slancarova

Author and book publisher
Dana-Sofie is an author of the project Cyclic Woman, publisher and an author of several books and eBooks.

Alexandr Fryc

Businessman, e-shop owner
Alexandr has been running a successful e-shop with acoustic foams since 2009. He started in a garage and has built a company with revenues in millions CZK.

Bara Nadvornikova

Lector in self-development
The lector, who has been leading women's self-development groups for more than 10 years, organizes educational seminars, and conferences, many abroad since she loves traveling.

Milo Brzak

Lives and rents houses in Bali
Milo is originally from Czech and lives in Bali. He's been running a successful business with accommodation for travelers and surfers from all over the world that has gained Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor in 2016 and 2017.

Jiri Stibor

Beach Entrepreneur
Jiri is Stania's husband and together they have been building the Beach Business project since 2013. He is also a co-owner of a successful e-shop. Over the past 7 years, he has travelled all over the world and truly lives the beach entrepreneur life style.

Jiri Mazur

Experienced Businessman
Jiri is a businessman with more than 25 years of experience. He is an author of online course Playing on the Stock Exchange and also teaches people how to start their own business.

David Kirs

Owner of SmartSelling, lector, speaker
David is one of the most popular speakers in the Czech Republic, as well as online lector with more than 5 thousand people in his courses. He is also an owner of SmartSelling, a system of apps for website building, email marketing and invoicing.

Since 2014 I have sold over 15,000 copies of my book in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In 2017, I was at a private retreat with
Jack Canfield and he encouraged me to spread my message to the world.

So after that, I decided to translate my websites, blog and online courses to English and start to inspire and help people all over the world. 

The Beach Business book:

  • is a book that will GIVE YOU a key to FREEDOM,
  • brings you INSPIRATION and practical ADVICE for your life and business,
  • is full of STORIES that will give you POWER to start living YOUR DREAMS.
  • IS NOT a BORING business manual
  • will not tell you how to become a MILLIONAIRE overnight


She lives her life to the fullest and makes her dreams come true, even the craziest ones, every day. A few years ago, she decided she didn\'t want the days to pass by like sand in an hourglass.

Stania is a mother of two daughters and one son, a wife of a great man, online marketing expert, lector and a successful entrepreneur. 

The book already has 15,000 readers and here are some of their references: 

Hello, Stania, I have been reading your Beach Business book – the whole book is fantastic. I have found answers to questions that I have had for ages. I can’t thank you enough for your work, and I am looking forward to writing my own first eBook. I wish you luck in your life.
Martina BenesovaOnline Entrepreneur
Thanks for this great book. Thanks to it, I realize the essence of my own business. The Beach Business lifestyle enables me to spend enough time with my children, to have an opportunity to do what I love, including my work. Beach Business is superb! Thanks, Stania.
Edita BerkovaAuthor of the Strollering Method
This book is a huge inspiration for all who want to set their lifestyle on pursuing their dreams, in business and in life in general.
Martin KalinaEntrepreneur and expert in online marketing
If I had to describe this book in three words, I would choose: fantastic, inspirational, kick-starting. If the thought of running a Beach Business or digital nomadism resonates with you, you will fall in love with this book, as much as I have.
Martina KrocilovaAuthor of a blog inspiruj.me
I read the Beach Business book all at once. At the end of the book, I commented: “I want this kind of life.” Another piece fitted within my puzzle and confirmed that I am definitely walking in the right direction.

I now know HOW to do it, and can easily imagine what will indeed happen. It's simply, a great, inspiring and motivating “kick-starter”, and I am so glad I have it in my bookcase. Thank you, Stania.
Lucie ValcharovaCoach and entrepreneur
It might have been enough to write very, very inspiring. But I feel like it isn't enough, so I will add a little more: According to me, it is an amazing story of a journey to inner peace, fulfillment, and freedom. The story that could make a fairy tale. The story so easy to read, understandable, kind and… truthful. The story that does not only describe but also show the ones, who want to set off on their journey, how to do it! I think that I can speak for the majority and write – Thank you very much Stania, for such a magical story.
Lubo Szabo


When I was hiking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal in 2014, we met a guy, who had
 \"Do it NOW, sometimes LATER becomes NEVER\" scribed on his T-shirt.

If this resonates with you, order the book RIGHT NOW and get a guide for the journey of your dreams and a map for your dream beaches wherever they could be.  

It\'s a book that can change your life, and such things should NOT be missed out on. 



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What countries do you ship and how long does it take? 

All over the world. 🙂 We have good experience with sending all over Europe where the postal service is quite fast and the book is delivered within a week. To the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia it can take up to three weeks.

The cost of shipping and handling is 4,99 EUR  

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